Laminating hair at home

Laminating hair at home
Laminating hair in a beauty salon is not a cheap procedure. But the effect is pleasantly pleasing due to the recovery effect. But this procedure can be done at home with gelatin. This method is suitable for those who have badly damaged hair, cut ends and lost a healthy shine. The main advantage of gelatine laminating in front of the salon, of course, in price. But the effect is no worse.

You will need
  • – 1 sachet gelatin
  • – boiled water
  • – Hair Mask
Proportion is taken by 1: 3. 1 A tablespoon of gelatin is poured into 3 tablespoons of warm boiled water. If the hair is long and thick, then increase the proportion three times and get 3: 9. The gelatinous mass is well mixed and covered from above so that it does not dry out. Leave the gelatin to swell for about 15-20 minutes.

At this time, my head in the usual way, using your favorite shampoo, and then balm. We wipe the hair with a towel, leaving them slightly damp.

During this time, gelatin should completely dissolve. If this did not happen, then warm it up in a water bath. Do not forget to stir the mass well.

К желатину добавляем пол столовой ложки любимой маски для волос. Все ингредиенты тщательно смешиваем. Готовый раствор по консистенции должен напоминать густую сметану.

Полученную маску наносим по все длине волос кроме корней. От корней стоит отступить примерно 1 см.

On the head we put on a plastic bag, and on top we wind with a towel. The head needs to be warmed up by a hair dryer during 10-15 minutes. And then we leave everything as it is for another 45 minutes.

When the time is up, wash the hair with ordinary running water. We do not use any cosmetics. Gelatine is easily washed off so no problems will arise. After all the procedures done, we admire the result.

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