Keratin hair straightening at home

Keratin hair straightening at home
Women love to constantly change something in themselves. A change of hairstyle allows you to change the image as a whole. Women with curly hair are constantly trying to straighten strands with various ironing and gels, very damaging the structure of the hair during procedures. Keratin straightening at home will help save money, leave your hair healthy and dramatically change your hair.

Keratin straightening in the home conditions. Advantages

Keratin straightening will help not only straighten curly hair, but also retains a hint of hair after painting. Thanks to the ability to seal the split ends of hair, the use of keratin composition has become interesting and the owner of straight hair. Also, if the hair was badly damaged, the keratin restores them. After the keratin rectification procedure reviews were almost always positive. Women were delighted with the shine and softness of the hair. The hair became perfect, and the hair remained straight up to 90 days.

The undoubted advantage of the procedure is the fact that there are no contraindications for it. But all the same it is not necessary to spend it during pregnancy and thoracal feeding.

Keratin straightening in Home conditions. How to do

keratin straightening

In the salons, this procedure is very expensive. But if you buy a kit for keratin straightening, you can save a lot.

For the procedure, in addition to the product, a hairdryer, a spray gun, a hair iron with a ceramic coating, a comb with small teeth and a large round hairbrush are required.

At the first stage, you need to rinse your head well with shampoo with keratin. We wipe the hair with a towel and comb it.

A means for straightening the hair is put into the atomizer. We spray the rectifier on each curl. The product should be evenly distributed throughout the length of the hair. To do this, after spraying, comb each strand of the comb with small teeth. When all hair is processed, you need to wait 15 min. After that, the hair is dried with a hair dryer and a round comb. Well, dry each lock with tension. It depends on this how much the hair will be straight.

After all the hair is well dried, start to level them with iron.

At the end of the procedure, we apply a special serum for hair with keratin and enjoy the result.


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