Kefir hair mask

Kefir hair mask
Kefir is an affordable and popular means for home hair care. It is rich in calcium, protein, vitamins E and B, as well as lactic acid sticks, which intensively nourish and strengthen the curls. In addition, the kefir mask effectively restores the structure of the hair.

The most simple variant of a kefir mask is to apply a sour milk product to the scalp and hair. To enhance the effect of the procedure, put on a cellophane cap and wrap your head with a towel. Hold the remedy for an hour and rinse with running water and shampoo. Regular use of kefir mask will save you from such problems as dandruff, fragility and dry hair.

Кефир – универсальное средство. Его можно использовать для ухода за жирными волосами. Для этого размешайте яичный желток с 1 ч.л. натурального меда и репейного или миндального масла. В готовую смесь влейте стакан подогретого кефира и добавьте несколько капель эфирного масла розмарина, чайного дерева или лимона. Средство равномерно наносится на влажные волосы. Через полчаса смойте кефирную маску теплой водой с шампунем. В свою очередь, для сухих волос идеально подойдет следующий состав: 3 ст. л. теплого кефира, 1 ст. л. оливкового, репейного или касторового масла, яичный желток. Маску нужно держать в течение 1 часа.

In order to improve the growth of hair, make a mask from the juice of one onion and 1 a glass of kefir. If desired, you can enrich the composition by adding 1 tsp. burdock oil and egg yolk. Evenly distribute the mixture over the hair and wrap the head with a plastic wrap. In addition, there is another effective prescription stimulating kefir mask. Prepare a decoction from the roots of burdock or nettle. Cool and mix with kefir – the components should be taken in equal proportions. Put the product on your hair and hold for half an hour. Then rinse with warm water without using shampoo. Repeat the procedure is recommended several times a week.

For all types of hair, a nourishing mask, prepared according to the following recipe, is suitable. Half a cup of yogurt mixed with 1 art. l. cosmetic blue clay. Stir well and rub into the roots of the hair. After an hour, wash the head with warm water and shampoo. After this procedure, the hair will become smooth, silky and bulky.

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