Japanese nail care

Japanese nail care
A popular type of manicure based on the use of natural ingredients that take care of natural nails is based. Make the nails stronger help complex care system, and yet, eliminate many problems, give nail plates shine. To perform the Japanese manicure will require the following materials and tools:
– Wooden sticks.
– Remover for cuticle.
– Oil to strengthen the nail plate.
– Nutrient serums and cream (based on natural ingredients).
– Scrub to remove dead particles.
– Минеральная паста.
– Инструменты для полировки (полировочный блок и палочка).

The beginning of the procedure of the Japanese manicure in the selection of the composition to restore the structure of the nails begins, it is done in each case individually. To solve the problem of nails, you need to take into account the peculiarities of their condition and structure.

The technique of Japanese manicure assumes a very active nourishment of the nails and skin, so that first a bath for nails with natural ingredients is prepared. Better absorb substances softened tissue – the nails immediately after the tray are processed with rice milk, cleans them and removes excess fat. The next step is applying the therapeutic serum (necessarily with a high content of moisturizing ingredients). This procedure gives an immediate effect – your nails look healthy and shiny.

Второй тип сыворотки должен укреплять ногтевую пластину. Наносят ее после этапа увлажнения, ногти быстрее растут благодаря натуральному питательному составу. Структура сыворотки такова, что мельчайшие расслоения и трещинки заполняет вещество, выравнивая поверхность ногтя.

There is a removal of the cuticle with softening compounds with algae, which remove excess skin from the nail. Mineral paste is required for the polishing process – using a polishing block to process the nails, giving them a glossy surface. The final stage of polishing powdered material with the smallest granules.

Массаж рук – это завершающий этап японского маникюра. Выполняют его с помощью мешочков с травами и минералами, которые предварительно нагревают. Питательный и смягчающий крем наносят после массажа для успокоения тканей.

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