Is it possible to use a child's cream for an adult

Is it possible to use a child's cream for an adult
Children's cream has been for many years one of the most popular and universal means for caring for the delicate skin of a child. It contains only natural ingredients, so this product not only moisturizes well, but also does not cause allergies. For this reason, they are often used even by adults.

What is a children's cream

The production of baby cream began a long time ago. Previously, it included animal and vegetable oils, as well as aromatic additives on a natural basis. The modern children's cream is made from several kinds of fats, biologically active additives and a small amount of water.

So, the composition of moisturizing baby cream today can include extracts of chamomile, calendula or alternatives, mineral oils and vitamins. Thanks to such substances, this product calms the skin and relieves irritation.

Защитный крем может также содержать специальные ультрафиолетовые фильтры, оберегающие кожу ребенка от негативного воздействия солнечного излучения.

Is it worth using an adult cream for adults

Children's cream does not accidentally bear such a name, because it was developed by specialists specially for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies. Since the cells of the baby's skin are divided and updated extremely quickly, it needs an additional protective layer on the surface, which creates a glycerol or lanolin cream.

Regeneration, the level of acidity and moisturizing of the skin of an adult is quite different, because on its surface there is an impressive layer of already dead dehydrated cells. Therefore, when using a child's cream, a thin protective film is formed on the surface, but a whole shell, which can greatly slow down, and even completely stop the metabolic processes of the epidermis.

As a result of prolonged use of the baby cream, the skin of an adult person at first looks smoother, softer and more hydrated. However, after a while, serious problems can begin, because a fat cream clogs the skin cells and prevents the toxins from accumulating in the body. As a result – inflammation, allergic reactions and acne.

Nevertheless, there are cases when a baby cream perfectly helps to solve some skin problems. For example, it is useful for them to smear patches in the corners of the mouth, if there are so-called jaeda.

That's why beauticians recommend adults to refrain from using a baby cream and choose other means, based on age and skin condition. Children's cream is best left in the first-aid kit of the child and not used constantly, but very rarely and in extreme cases, for example, you can sometimes moisturize them with severely weather-beaten skin of the hands or body. On the face of a child's cream is better not to apply, especially as an anti-aging agent.

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