Intricate hairstyles: a lump of hair

Intricate hairstyles: a lump of hair
Intricate hairstyles can be done relatively simply. A cone of hair is a universal construction, with which your image will always be fresh and elegant. The variety of methods for laying curls with cones is the basis for creativity.

Cones from a bundle of long hair

To build such an intricate hairstyle, first wash your hair and dry it with a hair dryer. On the entire length it is necessary to carry a little foam. If your hair is medium in length, use a false tail to build a bump.

It is the tail that will be the basis of your hairstyle. Make it with a thin rubber band. End the tail wrap around the base and fix the bump with the studs. Such a structure can be made on the back of the head, on the crown, on the sides or under the head. The protruding ends should be straightened and fixed using a varnish. If you want to create an additional volume of hair, lift the hair around the base of the head with a pencil.

How to make a bulb

To make an intricate three-dimensional hairdo, taking only your own locks in the ground is problematic enough. But if you supplement the bundle with a large toe or roller, you can get a rather original bump.

As in the first case, initially make a ponytail using a tight thin band. Carefully comb the hair along the entire length of the tail, giving them maximum smoothness.

From the bottom of the host, attach a bulky roller or trimmed sock, start wrapping the tail. After reaching the bottom, spread the hair around the resulting roller, fix it all with a rubber band or pins.

To diversify the first and second hairstyle, you can release strands of hair on the sides and curl them with a curling iron or straighten using ironing.

Cone pin

A cone from a tourniquet is a simple simple intricate hairdress, based on a braid of long or false hair. The braid can be braided from the back of the head. Then, assemble it around the base and fasten it with the pins.

As an option, you can braid two braids and make two bumps from the hair. When using studs, decorated with beads, flowers, rhinestones or fabric, the hairstyle will take a festive version.

Combined lump of hair

Combined shishka from hair – an intricate hairdo, which is made from a bun and a part of curls freely falls on the shoulders.

To build such a hairstyle, make a tail of the part of the hair collected on the crown. That is, you need to divide all the hair into two parts, one to gather into a bundle, the other part to leave freely falling. Loose curls can be screwed with a curl, giving them vertical curls.

Why the lump of hair never goes out of fashion

A cone of hair has been built for several centuries. And this hairstyle never goes out of fashion, as it is considered universal for all occasions. Make a bump is simple enough. To create a stylish image, you do not need to visit an experienced craftsman and beauty salon. But, despite all the simplicity, the intricacy of such hairstyles depends only on your imagination.

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