Instructions for the use of chinese water for improving hair growth

Instructions for the use of chinese water for improving hair growth
Not so long ago, the crooked water was not used to accelerate the growth of hair, but completely for a different purpose. It was one of the most effective means of dealing with lice. Treatment usually ended with success. At the same time, people noted that the tincture of the herbal and parasite grass drove them from the head, and the hair makes it healthier and thicker. Plant chieber, in another way it is called puppeteer, very poisonous. It contains 6 poisons, the most dangerous of which is protoaveratrin. It can cause paralysis of the nervous system, the gastrointestinal tract and the organs of the cardiovascular system. However, in addition to its toxic properties, the plant has qualities that are useful to humans.

The favorable effect on the hair is due to the fact that the chicken irritates the small blood vessels, they begin to expand, and the hair bulbs receive additional portions of nutrients and oxygen, this positively affects the structure of the hair – they are changed after the first application, acquiring a healthy shine, silkiness and obedience.

Capricious water eliminates dandruff and high fat content, makes hair healthy, shiny

The hypocritical water is nothing more than an alcohol solution from the roots and rhizomes of the helper. The drug is freely released in pharmacies, it can be used without first consulting a doctor. It should be remembered that the solution is able to cause an allergic reaction. Before applying it is recommended to perform the following procedure: apply a drop of liquid to the elbow bend and observe this place for 15 min, if the skin is okay, there is no itching, burning – you can safely use the solution. If you experience symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, weakness, you should immediately call your doctor. Well and preliminary to wash off a preparation from an elbow.

To improve the condition of the hair, it is recommended to apply 1-2 once a week on hair along the entire length. Distribute the liquid can be with a cotton swab, syringe, spray. After application, the hair needs to be combed well. It is not necessary to wash your head after using crooked water. In the first minutes of the procedure, a burning sensation may appear on the head, but in the soonest it must pass.

It is contraindicated to use a chamomile for pregnancy and lactation, as well as in case of damage to the skin.

Particularly shown is the use of crooked water for people with a fat type of hair. Owners of dry and brittle hair need to be careful not to overdry them. So, you can use the following advice: a few minutes after applying to the hair of the tuberous water,
On top of it, use burdock oil.

One of the most effective means on the basis of crooked water is a herbal lotion. To make it, you need to mix sage leaves (20 g), nettles (20 g), cones of ordinary hops (40 g), roots of bare licorice (10 g), as well as a pap of hot pepper. The resulting mixture should be transferred to an opaque container and poured with vodka (250 ml). Leave to stand at room temperature for 18 days. After that, 100 ml of the tincture is mixed with turpentine (20 ml), castor oil (30 ml), and chilled water (50 ml). The resulting lotion should be applied to the scalp for 30 minutes.

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