Innovations in cosmetology – plasmolift facial

Innovations in cosmetology - plasmolift facial
A bright indicator of both human health and its age is the state of the skin. Time spares her, but modern medical research can act as a "lawyer". One of the latest achievements of cosmetology has become plasmolifting, developed by Russian scientists.

Aging and skin

Skin covers perform very important roles, becoming, first of all, a barrier between the body and the environment, and also participating in the release of harmful substances, thermoregulation and other body functions. They experience mechanical and chemical effects, stretching and bacteriological "attacks", temperature changes. But the main enemy of the skin after all – time, it leaves traces that seem indelible.

Cosmetologists offer a number of tools for the correction of wrinkles and skin defects. This and medications for internal use, and all kinds of creams, ointments, lotions, injections of Botox, plastic surgery. But in recent years, another technique is gaining popularity worldwide: plasmolifting of the face.

Russian Innovation Technique

The Plasmolifting ™ method is a Russian development, sponsored by renowned cosmetic scientists Renat Akhmerov and Roman Zarudiy. This technique is called revolutionary. Indeed, in anti-aging medicine, nothing like this before. The main difference from the usual methods is that a deep effect on the skin is carried out, which involves the natural mechanisms of regeneration, leading to a "inside" rejuvenation.

It is very important that this is a non-traumatic method, without surgical intervention. The procedure of plasmolifting is an injection of platelet autoplasm, which, in turn, is prepared from the blood of the patients themselves. Platelets contained in such a plasma catalyze the growth of new cells, promote skin hydration and oxygen saturation, give it elasticity due to the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the technique of plasmolifting is the use of an intrinsic plasma instead of the foreign medicinal components. It is not rejected by the body, but on the contrary, it stimulates the recovery processes.

As a result, not only the aging of the skin slows down, but its "lifting" naturally occurs, due to the activation of tissue and blood reserves. The complexion is fresh, facial wrinkles are smoothed; pigmented spots turn pale, and sometimes disappear; Scars and scars become less noticeable. The oval of the face acquires a beautiful correct form.

But before you go to this procedure, you should consult with your doctor. She has some contraindications, such as diabetes mellitus, viral hepatitis, fresh wounds or inflammations on the skin, and a number of other factors. Do not resort to this method of rejuvenation for pregnant women and women prone to profound depressive disorders.

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