Inflamed acne on the face: methods of treatment and elimination

Inflamed acne on the face: methods of treatment and elimination
Acne on the face is an unpleasant cosmetic problem that people of all ages face. But most often young people suffer from acne during puberty, when there is a change in the hormonal background. Effective treatment of acne should be comprehensive, combining the intake of various medications with regular hygiene procedures and balanced nutrition. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude fried and fatty foods, semi-finished products, alcohol and carbonated beverages from your diet. As for drugs for oral administration, they can be prescribed only by a doctor (dermatologist or beautician, and in some cases, endocrinologist).

The problem skin needs a thorough cleansing, because acne appears due to the fact that the skin pores are clogged with greasy stoppers. Twice a day, it is recommended to wash your face with warm water or herbal infusions. Herbs with anti-inflammatory effect include: turn, chamomile, sage, calendula, elecampane, St. John's wort, burdock (root), aloe and field horsetail.

From herbal decoctions, you can also make compresses. To prepare a compress, the cooled decoction must be filtered through a fine sieve and soaked with a cotton disc or towel. Then the compress is applied to the entire face or to the problem areas of the skin for 10-15 minutes. Holders of dry skin should repeat this procedure no more than twice a week.

People prone to allergies should be tested for an allergic reaction to a particular plant. To do this, moisten a small patch of skin with a herbal decoction. And only a day after that, do a compress.

When treating inflamed acne, various home masks and scrubs are helpful. For oily skin, not prone to dryness, you can use soda. To prepare a thick paste, you need to mix a tablespoon of soda and a tablespoon of water. The resulting mass should be applied to the face and hold no more than 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water and apply a moisturizing cream on the skin. Repeat the procedure should not be more than three times a week.

Honey is not only a natural remedy for colds and a sweet treat, but also a good remedy for eliminating skin inflammation. The honey contains substances that are natural antibiotics. The mask of honey removes irritation, improves skin tone and helps to eliminate acne.

Маска из кислых сортов яблок и моркови, смешанных в равных пропорциях, очищает кожные поры, благодаря чему за несколько дней можно избавиться от воспаленных прыщей. Фруктовые кислоты — это основной компонент современных химических пилингов, они позволяют очищать кожу от излишков жира и омертвевших клеток, не повреждая глубокие слои эпидермиса.

The apple mask is a soft peeling that returns a healthy color to the face, eliminates acne and sebaceous plugs. And carrots contain beta-carotene, it helps to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands.

Tea tree oil is popular in medicine and cosmetology, thanks to antibacterial and antiseptic properties. For the treatment of inflamed acne oil should be lubricated affected areas of the skin twice a day. Inflammation usually occurs after 8-10 procedures.

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