Increased nails – choose practicality

Increased nails - choose practicality
The fact that hands should be beautiful, no one calls into question. If your own nails look bad enough, build-up will come to the rescue. Artificial nails have become classics.

Material for nail extensions can be both gel and acrylic. Some masters use resin, but whyit does not attract women, although it is quite strong material.

The procedure for nail extensions will help to correct any defects in the plate and become an adornment of your image. Agree, to do a manicure twice a week there is no time, but with artificial nails this simply will not be required.

Increased nails do not require special care, only periodic correction – usually once in 4-6 weeks, which depends on the rate of regrowth of the horny plates. Nails strong enough, they are difficult to break. But it's better not to experiment after all, because with extreme conditions material departs with his own fingernail, which hurts.

To give an aesthetic appearance, you can paste rhinestones, apply a varnish or decorate in any other way. What is noteworthy, the varnish from the accreted nails is not erased, does not exfoliate and loses color at least 2 a week.

Considering all the advantages of accrued nails, you can come to the conclusion that they are very comfortable and beautiful. If you are a busy woman, then artificial nails will be very welcome. The main thing is to find a good master who can correctly conduct the procedure and has high-quality materials.

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