In what color is better to paint light brown hair

In what color is better to paint light brown hair
Hair styling has been very popular lately. This type of staining allows you to refresh the image with minimal negative impact on the curls. If you have fair-haired melted hair, you open a wide palette of shades of colors and coloring balms. The owner of this color of hair can easily paint as a blonde, without resorting to discoloration, and in black or copper color.

In what color should I paint light brown hair?

The future hair color you have to choose yourself, because here everything depends on your preferences. The big plus of light brown hair, as mentioned above, is the possibility of painting almost any desired shade. You can paint blonde hair in red, blond (if it is a tone or a half light than your natural hair color), bluish-black, shades of chocolate, and try extreme coloration (use red, green, blue and other colors). Unlike the owners of dark-brown or chestnut-colored hair, you do not have to pre-lighten the hair, thereby preserving their condition and not damaging the structure of the hair.

How to choose a paint

When choosing a paint, pay attention to the composition. Usually, after frequent staining and melioration, the hair becomes "tired" and dry. That's why you should look for hair dyes based on natural ingredients and without ammonia. Thus, you will save the state of your hair and be able to change the appearance.

Tips for coloring light brown hair

Перед тем, как приступить к непосредственному окрашиванию волос, вам следует учесть главное правило работы со светлыми мелированными волосами – в итоге все локоны должны иметь однородный цвет, без цветовых перепадов мелированных прядей. Именно поэтому краску нужно наносить тщательно, желательно кисточкой. С ее помощью вы сможете аккуратно и полностью окрасить все пряди, даже мелированные. В итоге у вас получится ровный цвет волос, без незакрашенных прядей. Особое внимание при окрашивании русых волос нужно уделить мелированным прядям, иначе они будут заметны на новом цвете волос.

After staining the stained brown hair in a different color, use special shampoos, conditioners and balms for colored hair. They are necessary in order to rid the hair of dryness and fragility. In addition, you can use a variety of natural masks and decoctions of medicinal herbs (for example, from chamomile).

It should be remembered that the use of natural dyes (basma and henna) on fine hair can not be used in any case. The interaction of chemical inks with the natural is unpredictable, the hair can take a violet or green hue.

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