Improving posture and gait with the help of Argentine tango

Improving posture and gait with the help of Argentine tango
Experienced businessmen are well aware of how important it is for a business person to look, because it is for him that people judge success, reliability, the character of a person at the moment of acquaintance and with a short conversation. Value has not only a suit and a hairdress: you can buy the most expensive clothes and at the same time look ridiculous in it.

That is why it is more important often is a person's bearing, his gait, his manner of holding, his gaze. Of these "trifles" and formed an image. The more favorable the impression this image will have on others, the easier it will be to conduct business, negotiate with business partners and clients.

Training in Argentine tango will help you not only improve mutual understanding with other people and strengthen positive character traits, but also become a more attractive person. It's not just about getting rid of excess weight and finding a smart, beautiful figure, but also about improving posture and gait.

Argentine tango requires the dancers to have a correct posture. This is necessary not only to make the dance look beautiful and cause sincere admiration from the audience. The fact is that proper posture is one of the main elements of the technique of Argentine tango. Thanks to it you can keep in touch with the partner, do not step on his feet, do not hurt others during the dance, correctly perform the movements. Perfect posture will allow you to enjoy comfort during the dance. At first it will not be easy, but soon you will learn how to properly hold your head, back and shoulders even in those moments when you do not dance.

Note that it is impossible to dance Argentine tango beautifully, without learning the basic steps and not having learned to properly execute them. Of course, figures and combinations are very important, but without a well-placed gait they will be useless. Of course, tango-gait is appropriate in dance, and not in everyday life, however, having learned it, you can walk more attractively, not only during classes.

Beautiful posture and gait give the person not only an attraction. Thanks to them, the Argentine tango dancers seem more reliable, successful, cause the most favorable impression. You will certainly notice the result. In addition, it will be appreciated by others, you can not doubt it.

In Argentine tango, the quality of movements is much more important than their number. You can use dozens of different shapes and combinations, decorate the dance with additional movements and still not achieve the desired result. But you can also perform a short dance, almost pacing to the music, while not only enjoying, but also admiring others.

That is why it is much more important to study and rehearse a few simple movements well, than to use a lot of figures, not knowing how to properly and nicely perform none of them. Working on the basic movements, steps, hugs and posture, you will certainly achieve excellent results and will soon notice that you are using your new skills in everyday life.

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