If the skin on the abdomen. Ways to tighten the abdomen

If the skin on the abdomen. Ways to tighten the abdomen
The sagging abdominal skin is a fairly common aesthetic problem, which deprives the beauty of even a slender figure. The reason for this phenomenon is considered unhealthy lifestyle, combined with lack of physical activity, as well as pregnancy or sudden weight loss. Get rid of saggy skin on your stomach can be quite a variety of ways – most importantly, choose the most suitable for yourself. Non-surgical methods

Correction of sagging abdominal skin is a rather complicated procedure, as physical exercises can help an exceptionally slightly frayed figure. If the non-aesthetic skin folds are very noticeable – it will be impossible to get rid of them with the help of one gym. However, there is no need to hurry up with a visit to a plastic surgeon, as modern medicine offers several non-surgical solutions that can significantly improve the condition of the abdominal skin.

If the whole problem lies in sagging skin, first of all you need to turn to procedures that have a tightening effect. If you have "fat traps", you must first get rid of them – specially for this purpose, special techniques have been developed that simultaneously remove fat from the abdomen and tighten the skin that it stretches.

The procedures for burning fat on the stomach and restoring the turgor of his skin are called lipolysis and lifting.

Not bad proved in solving this problem and RF-lifting, the main purpose of which is the production of elastin and collagen (proteins responsible for the elasticity and tone of the skin). A new way is non-surgical ultrasound liposuction or cavitation, which removes fat deposits and tightens the skin without surgical intervention. Also in the fight against sagging skin of the abdomen, such methods as vacuum mechanical LPG massage, electrolypolysis, reducing the volume of subcutaneous fat, and myostimulation, heals tissues and skin can help.

Хирургические способы

If the skin on the abdomen is very slack, cosmetic procedures will not give much effect, so do not throw money away, but it's better to go to a proven plastic surgery clinic. To date, this industry can offer a plastic surgery to remove excess fat and skin folds in the abdomen – but this option has a number of certain contraindications. In addition, such a surgical intervention is most often accompanied by a long and very difficult rehabilitation period.

Also, modern plastic surgery offers abdominoplasty, miniabdominoplasty and radiofrequency liposuction to patients with sagging abdominal skin.

Water jet, radiofrequency, laser and other types of liposuction are radical methods of removing surplus subcutaneous fat that stretches the skin from the inside. It is advisable to resort to liposuction to reduce the stomach volume when the overall weight of the patient is almost normal, but the problem areas are not removed by sports loads, diets or cosmetology procedures.

The best addition to liposuction is considered to be lifting procedures that provide a pronounced complex effect. However, this technique is suitable only for young and middle-aged patients, whose skin has elasticity sufficient for normal postoperative recovery.

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