If not satisfied with the shape of the tip of the nose. Rhinoplasty – Pros and Cons

If not satisfied with the shape of the tip of the nose. Rhinoplasty - Pros and Cons
Rhinoplasty of the tip of the nose – a minor surgical intervention, compared with full rhinoplasty. However, most plastic surgeons claim that the plastics of the tip of the nose are not enough. Most often, full changes are required. And then it is worthwhile to weigh all the pros and cons and decide whether to lie under the knife, or you can live without surgery. Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular and demanded services in plastic surgery clinics around the world. But this does not mean that it is necessary to change the shape of the nose to anyone who is dissatisfied with the way it looks. After all, any surgical intervention should be justified, and not caused by vague desires.

Несмотря на распространенность, ринопластика – это еще и одна из самых сложных пластических операций, так как нос заживает очень медленно и тяжело. Полная реабилитация занимает от 6 месяцев до года.

Even after the most successful and easy rhinoplasty, there may be consequences. The operated nose is much more vulnerable to colds and infectious diseases.

And although many patients, coming to see a doctor, say that they want to change only the tip of the nose, this operation is rare in the practice of the surgeon. The plasty of the tip of the nose can be performed only with the case when the patient has an ideal back of the nose. But if the nose is big, even with a high hump, then changing the tip can only worsen the situation.

So most often patients are done full rhinoplasty, in the process of which defects are corrected, and the nose is brought into aesthetic state. But to decide on such a complex operation, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Plastic surgery is not easy, with possible complications at any point in the postoperative period. Rhinoplasty can not be done for those who suffer from oncological diseases, diabetes mellitus, blood clotting disorder, and also cardiovascular and infectious diseases.

It is never known in advance what the result will be. Moreover, the final shape of the nose acquires after months after the operation. There is a considerable risk of the need for a repeat operation, and even not one. And each successive is much more complicated than the previous one. In the postoperative period, you can not go in for sports, go to baths and saunas.

Если измененный нос не оправдает надежд пациента, это может вызвать психологические проблемы, иногда вплоть до суицида. Кроме того, ринопластика – дорогое удовольствие.

But there are also arguments in favor of such an operation. For example, if there are injuries or birth defects, rhinoplasty helps restore the natural function of breathing. That is, in fact, return a normal life to a person. Many thanks to rhinoplasty get rid of a heap of complexes and establish a personal life and career.

Компьютерное моделирование, которое обязательно предшествует ринопластике, позволяет оценить, насколько эстетично будущий нос будет смотреться на лице. К тому же, предполагаемая форма подробно обсуждается с пластическим хирургом, чтобы избежать недопонимания и минимизировать недовольство результатом.

Rhinoplasty does not presume a long stay in the hospital. Typically, it takes from one to three days.

You can go back to your old life two weeks after the operation. Including going to work or starting to study again.

Before deciding on such a complex operation, you need to think carefully, to consider the positive and negative aspects. Not always plastic changes help to improve life. So, if there are no serious reasons to do the operation, should not you create unnecessary problems and limitations.

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