Hyaluronic acid: application in cosmetology

Hyaluronic acid: application in cosmetology
Hyaluronic acid has found great application in cosmetology. Due to its unique properties, it helps women stay young and maintain the tone of their skin for many years.

Properties of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid refers to polysaccharides, the main property is the retention of a large amount of liquid. The molecule of this substance is able to keep the amount of water many times greater than its weight. It is this property that the manufacturers of cosmetic injections have decided to fix and apply for rejuvenation.

But on this useful and unique properties of hyalurons do not end. It is worth knowing that it helps to renew, soften the skin. Thanks to it, wrinkles are smoothed out and small scars disappear, irregularities on the skin integuments.

With age, the body is not able to produce the necessary amount of hyaluronic acid, therefore, wrinkles and wilting of the skin occur.

Application of hyaluronic acid in cosmetology

Hyaluronic acid has found great application in the cosmetic industry. Since over time from the aging skin goes water, then wrinkles appear, which actively give out age. To maintain the water balance and fill the voids between the collagen fibers, cosmetologists decided to use hyaluronic acid.

In the skin, this component can come in several ways. The simplest and safest is a cream with hyaluronic acid content. With daily use of their skin is filled with moisture and radiance, wrinkles are smoothed. The skin turgor improves, youth returns. Creams with hyaluronic acid can begin to be used already from 25 years, when there is a decrease in the production of natural acid.

If the age is already far behind 30, and look like young it would be desirable to use injections with a wonderful preparation. The cosmetologist introduces hyaluronic acid to certain places of the face. It is perfectly distributed under the skin and helps to retain moisture in them.

With the help of hyaluronic acid, you can adjust individual facial features by increasing the lips, cheeks, etc. Nasolabial folds and wrinkles near the mouth can also be easily filled with this drug.

Possibilities of modern cosmetology constantly expanding, so now hyaluronic acid can be found even in decorative cosmetics. The cream for sunburn or powder on the basis of this component is absolutely safe and even useful. On the surface of the skin is created the finest film, which perfectly retains much needed moisture.

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