How Vitamin C Works on Acne

How Vitamin C Works on Acne
Surely everyone knows about vitamin C. Most people take it to improve immunity. As for acne, just by drinking orange juice or taking ascorbic acid, you will not get rid of them.

First, the most positive effect that vitamin C can give is getting rid of redness on the skin. These rednesses are partly the result of an inflammatory process. The immune system is capable of producing chemicals known as leukotrienes that destroy bacteria that cause the appearance of acne, but these bacteria can also arrange a so-called trap when they redirect substances to the skin itself.

Secondly, vitamin C removes redness from acne, thanks to its ability to strengthen capillaries. These are microscopic blood vessels that provide oxygen and nutrients in the basal layer of the skin. The basal layer produces new skin cells, which subsequently move outward to the horny layer, where they peel off in the form of horny scales. Redness is mainly concentrated in this layer. But you can minimize these redness due to vitamin C.

To maintain the health of your skin, it is enough to consume a day of 100 mg of vitamin C from natural sources. Also, you can take vitamin C with bioflavonoids or acerola tablets. One capsule or pills a day will be enough. Use also skin care products that contain one of the forms of vitamin C, known as ascorbyl palmitate.

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