How to work on the vital points of the body? Secrets of foot massage

How to work on the vital points of the body? Secrets of foot massage
On the feet are important reflex points, so foot massage is very useful. Massage helps restore vitality and get rid of fatigue. In addition, this pleasant procedure will not only raise your spirits, but also give peace of mind. More 60 important reflex points are located on the feet. In this regard, it is very important to learn all the secrets of foot massage. This relaxing procedure gives a tonus to the legs and the whole body.

First, keep your feet in a warm bath with fragrant and fragrant herbs or in water with sea salt. This will help your legs relax.

In the event that you do not have fragrant herbs and sea salt, you can keep your feet in the water with ordinary salt. But after the foot bath should be rinsed with plain water.

It's worth remembering that every part of the foot is responsible for some organ. The stimulation of the arch of the foot beneficially affects the spine and helps you cope with the pain in your back. Massage of the toes affects the eyes, nasal sinuses, ears and gums.

For massage feet should use massage oil. So the effect will be better and an excellent result will not keep you waiting.

It is also important to create a relaxing atmosphere for the massage. Turn on the light and quiet music, light the fragrant candles. In addition, the temperature in the room should be comfortable. While you are doing a massage on one foot, the second one should be covered with a towel.

Massage your feet with your fingertips. Start the massage with warm-up movements. To do this, take the arch of the foot with one hand, and the second pound the foot. Next, you should massage each toe. Particular attention should be paid to the heel. In this area, the skin is rough, so you should press your finger pads harder. Also you can not ignore the Achilles part of the foot.

Carefully do massaging movements upwards. In addition, it is useful to stretch the foot like a ballerina. It should be remembered that the most deeply needed to massage the plantar part of the foot. Do not press the toes of the feet, they need to be gently kneaded. This is done from the nail to the base of the fingers. Each finger should be massaged separately. All movements should be soft and not strong.

In the process of massage you can feel painful sensations. Painful points indicate weakened organs. These points should be massaged more carefully.

Circular movements are also useful. To do this, take your toes with one hand, and the other hand gently rotate your ankle first in one direction, and then in the other direction. If you did the massage correctly, the result would be an improvement in body metabolic processes, as well as excellent work of the internal organs, a healthy nervous system. In addition, you will improve your mental state and, as a result, will have a healthy sleep and immunity.

A great benefit for the feet and body is self-massage of the feet. For this, it is useful to walk on pebbles and grass in summer. In winter, you can pour stones or beans into a box and walk on them. A great option for self-massage is the massage mat in the shower. If these self-massage options do not suit you, you can purchase a special massager for feet and enjoy self-massage and a great mood.

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