How to wind long hair

How to wind long hair
Long hair is very beautiful, especially if they are properly laid. Styling long hair takes a long time, but for the daily image there are two ways to give your hair an attractive appearance – straighten or wind it.

You will need
  • Soft curlers of different sizes, hair dryer, brush, curling iron, thermal hair, hair styling products – varnish, wax.
Take a curd, heat it. Share hair on individual strands and in turn, wind them on a curling iron, hold each strand for 10 seconds. Thus, wind all the hair, let the curls cool, then gently disassemble your fingers curls on small strands, fix a slight mess on your head varnish – a beautiful image is ready.

Screw the hair on the thermal rollers. Allow them to cool down, and only after full cooling, remove the curlers. You got a haircut on long hair, which is very relevant if the time for preparation for publication is limited. By analogy with the previous method, divide large curls, you can even comb them, and fix the varnished hair.

Use soft curlers various sizes for creating small and large curls. Screwing long hair is easy, if you leave curlers for the night – in the morning you take them off and curly hair, as you wanted. To give volume hair at the roots, use large curlers.

Take a hair dryer and a round brush, consistently use them to wind ends of hair, modeling his hair. As a rule, with long hair it делать difficult, therefore better ask someone to do it for you, especially behind. The best option is to contact a hairdresser.

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