How to wind long hair beautifully

How to wind long hair beautifully
Long hair is a luxury, they require careful care and care every day. Even just loose on the shoulders – they are already attracting attention. A beautiful wave and styling can make you the star of the evening. It is not necessary for this to go to the salon.

You will need
  • – расчески (массажные и гребешки);
  • – means for styling (foam, mousse, wax, varnish);
  • – hair dryer (if necessary);
  • – бигуди.
Накручивание – один из самых доступных и безопасных вариантов укладки длинных волос. Определитесь, что вы хотите попробовать – естественные локоны или крупные волны, мелкие кудри, или, может быть, облако пушистых волос? Все это и многое другое вы можете сделать дома сами.

If the goal is small curls along the entire length of the hair, you will need classic curlers of the smallest diameter (papillot) or vertical curlers. Wrap them wet hair, only slightly drying the towel ends. To enhance the effect (especially if the hair is very long) use foam with medium or strong effect. If time permits, allow hair to dry naturally.

The more curlers will be, the larger and softer the wave will be. The elasticity and firmness of the curl depends on the length, thickness and type of your hair. After you have removed the curlers, you can do different things. If you carefully comb the massage brush, you will end up with simply beautifully flowing hair. Lush and elastic, but without distinct curls. The method is ideal for giving volume to hair. But if you just want curls, try the next option.

Before winding use the means of pre-fixation. After the head has dried, remove hair curlers, without combing your hair, shake them. For some it will be the most beautiful hairdo. Then, if desired, gently comb the largest and rarest scallop to preserve the structure of curls. Or just whip the hair with your hands. Immediately after that, treat the locks with lacquer of strong or medium fixation.

In addition to the usual curlers (in the form of a cylinder), in recent years, more and more popular cone-shaped. With their help you can make a very natural hairstyle. Also, any curlers can be wound up to the roots. You can combine curlers of different sizes, or straight hair with curled. You can not wait for full drying, but remove from a slightly wet hair and dry them with a hair dryer. There are many options for every taste and type of hair, experiment every day.

Do not forget about the retro-ways that allow hair to do without a hair dryer, and you – to sleep. For example, "wet pigtails at night," undeservedly forgotten today, as well as winding up scraps, etc. The smaller the braids or strands, the more grandiose will be the result. You can get a huge cloud of hair, from which you can model anything. Very impressive, for example, look lush loose hair, bound with ribbons.

Даже если результат будет неожиданным – ни в коем случае не расстраивайтесь! Есть много маленьких хитростей. Увядший локон можно оживить, нанеся на самый кончик капельку мусса (пенки) сильной фиксации. Слишком крутые кудри вы легко сгладите, если пройдетесь по ним смоченной расческой. И самый крайний вариант – на этой основе попробуйте сделать что-то принципиально новое. Например, если не устраивает вид распущенных волос – уберите часть прядей наверх, оставив самые удачные локоны.

Красота волос зависит от их здоровья. Если вы недавно делали химическую завивку или окрашивание, волосы быстрее накрутятся и будут дольше держать укладку. Но им нужна дополнительная защита – используйте щадящие средства для укладки и моделирования. Бигуди не должны быть металлическими. Выбирайте косметику для волос с витаминами и питательными веществам, особенно зимой и ранней весной.

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