How to wind hair without curlers

How to wind hair without curlers
Nature did not reward you with curly hair, and sometimes you want to change your image. Lovers of lush curls can make a permanent wave of hair and long time do not worry about the state of their styling. Well, those who do not dare to change the image for a long time, can do the perm in the home with ironing. Many people used to use it to straighten disobedient hair, but, nevertheless, in the able hands you can do the opposite.

You will need
  • – iron for styling hair,
  • – shampoo,
  • – air conditioning,
  • – Foam or gel for styling,
  • – a cream for nourishment of hair;
Prepare a gel or hair styling foam, shampoo and conditioner. It is still good to stock up the remedy hair from thermal exposure.

Прежде, чем накрутить hair, it is necessary to prepare the head for packing. Wash hair shampoo, apply conditioner. The exposure time of the air conditioner is five minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly off the hair. Apply additional means for styling – foam. Then dry hair.

It is important not only to properly and beautifully curl hair, but also protect them from thermal exposure. To do this, apply a cream for nutrition. Before applying the cream, warm in hands to room temperature. Long hair will look good curls. Share hair on massive strands, so that the wave turned out to be large.

Place the iron vertically, try to keep it straight. Clamp the tool hair in the maximal proximity to the roots. Hold Stride Strongly hair ironing and rotate it. The movement should resemble a semicircle. So the process of winding will be one-sided. Move the iron slowly down, without stopping, or you'll ruin your curls.

If you want to curl only the tips, then start straightening hair at the roots. Grab a lock and move down, and, reaching the tips, wind them aside.

You can proceed as follows: step back from the roots ten centimeters, hold a small strand between the plates ironing. Do it one turn and, without twisting the strand, gently go down to the very ends. So you will get a wavy result.

Owners of haircuts, for example, quads, you need to curl hair, holding the iron at right angles to the strand, which winds.

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