How to wind hair with waves

How to wind hair with waves
Fashion goes around in circles. This applies to both clothing, accessories, and hairstyles in equal measure. More and more popular is the retro style. One of the hairstyles of this style is the waves on the hair. They give the female image more charm, femininity, tenderness, lightness.

You will need
  • -comb;
  • – foam for styling;
  • -fen;
  • -плойка;
  • -hair spray.
Waves on the hair are also called "Hollywood". This name was fixed thanks to the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. Before how to do hairstyle, wash well hair and lightly dry them. After that, apply them to the foam for styling. To apply it it is necessary with the help of a comb with rare teeth so that the foam evenly spreads through the hair.

Dry well hair using a hair dryer, lifting them slightly at the roots. This contributes to giving them volume. For best effect, you can lightly sprinkle with varnish, thereby fixing the volume. In order not to damage the structure of the hair, it is necessary to dry them with cool air. Then use the clamps to clip the upper strands so that they do not interfere with your styling.

Next is the process of laying. Share your hair на пряди с помощью расчески и начинайте накручивать их на плойку. А для образования тех самых волн накручивайте hair таким образом, чтобы направление локонов было одинаковым. Это и является главным отличием прически от обычных кудрей, которые накручиваются и укладываются в хаотичном порядке.

After you have packed everything hair, начинайте накручивать заколотые пряди. Их следует делать таким же образом – чтобы все локоны были развернуты в одну сторону. Теперь немного причешите кудри расческой, с помощью зажимов зафиксируйте их и сбрызните небольшим количеством лака для волос. Нанесение большого количества фиксирующего средства сделает прическу неестественной, поэтому с ним обращаться нужно осторожно.

Such waves will look good both on loose hair, and on those assembled in a bundle. A great option would be a hairstyle made of wavy hair, picked up and chipped on the back of the head. To complete and give a special raisin, you can pin a mesh or veil to your hair. The image of an elegant, feminine and femme fatale in retro style is guaranteed to you.

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