How to wind hair on a curling rod

How to wind hair on a curling rod
Luxury curls, slightly twisted ends of hair or small cheerful curls – any of these arrangements can be made in a very short time by a woman, without the help of a hairdresser, having at hand an ordinary ployka. Tongs for hair today – the most important tool in the arsenal of hair care products. Modern models offer a lot of possible styling options, thanks to various nozzles for creating relief or even straightening hair. But despite the simplicity and convenience, not everyone can lay hair ployka with the best result. To create a truly luxurious hairstyle, you need to know some features of their application.

You will need
  • Plaice
  • Thermal protection for styling hair
  • Comb
On clean and necessarily dry hair нанесите средство для укладки volos, evenly distributing from roots to tips.

Прогрейте плойку до нужной температуры. Недостаточно разогретые щипцы не позволять вам создать четкие, аккуратные curls.

With the help of a comb, divide the hair into thin strands, for a better curl.

Step back a little from roots of hair, so as not to burn the skin. Separate strand wind on a curling rod bottom up from the tips. Remove the hot lock curl from the curling plate, not letting it untwist. If possible, fix it in this position until it is completely cooled.

Dissolve hands Curls, if you want to leave the relief, or comb for a lush styling.

The received hairstyle can be fixed varnish.

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