How to wind hair on a curling rod

How to wind hair on a curling rod
Screwing hair on a curling iron is a quick and convenient way to create beautiful curls. There are ploys with metal and ceramic coating. The effect of ceramics on hair is considered more careful. Create curls with a curling iron can be much faster than using curlers, because electric locks affect the hair with high temperature. After twisting, the hair can keep the adopted shape for a long time. Especially if you use high-quality stowage.

Before winding the hair on the curling iron, wash it and dry it. Curl should only dry curls to minimize the harmful effects of high temperatures. Divide the hair on the head into zones. Each of them, kill krabikom not to confuse them. When curling one of the zones, divide the hair into strands. After this, take one strand and treat it with a thermal protective agent. At this stage the laying agents are applied early. Begin to wave the hair always from the occipital area. Move from the lower strands to the top strands.

Thermal protectors prevent damage to the structure of the hair under the influence of high temperatures. The packaging must be marked "for hot styling".

The appearance of the future hairstyle depends on how you twist the strand. Place the curling hair on the hair vertically. Prepared strand take the tip and pull it perpendicular to the roots. Click on the handle of the clasp clip and wind the strand on the device spirally: from the tips to the roots. In this case, the strand should not be wound around the roots close to the roots, so as not to burn the head. It is advisable to retreat, at least, to 2 cm down from the roots. To lock the lock, release the clamp handle.

It is desirable to twist the strings in different directions: one – to the face, the other – from the face. So, the hairdress will turn out more magnificent, voluminous and natural.

After 20 seconds, gently untwist the strand. Twist the strands in this way over the entire head. Do not overdo hair when curling, as they can be burned. In addition, burning the hair can cause them to fall out.

После накручивания последней пряди старайтесь не трогать руками волосы, как минимум, 10 минут. За это время пряди окончательно остынут и прочно зафиксируются. Если вы боитесь, что во время сушки локоны разовьются, аккуратно подколите их невидимками. Через 10-15 минут снимите невидимки. Используйте для создания прически расческу или просто уложите кудри руками. Хорошо расчешите получившиеся локоны, если вы хотите получить легкие и воздушные волны.

In order for the curls to retain their shape, sprinkle them with hair spray or apply a gel. Try not to spray too much varnish, otherwise the hair will become stiff and heavy. The thickness of the curls depends on the thickness of the curl. The thinner the working surface of the device, the shallower the curls. If the curl turned out, on the contrary, too thick, divide it from the roots into two parts and treat it with hairspray.

Do not do styling with a curling bar too often, because even with the use of thermal protection it is harmful to the hair. After completing work with hair, do not forget to turn off the curling iron. Do not do your hair near water. The plaice can accidentally fall out of the hands, get into the water and shock with electric current.

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