How to wind hair from the roots

How to wind hair from the roots
Some packing are practically unworkable without winding. There are several techniques that will help you make a voluminous and effective hairstyle.

You will need
  • – a set of combs;
  • – средства для укладки;
  • – бигуди/фен/щипцы.
Wash hair and lightly dry them. Apply foam, balm or mousse for styling. Do not forget that all these products should be individually selected and not harm your hair.

Decide how you will wind up hair for roots. This can be done, for example, with a hair curler, hair dryer or forceps. Choose the optimal solution. If hair you have soft and long, give preference to hair curlers of the desired diameter. And the fair sex with short haircuts can be advised to use a hairdryer or tongs.

If you decide to pack hair с помощью бигуди, то не забывайте, что начинать следует с затылка, сверху вниз, в сторону их расчесывания. Возьмите прядь волос, по ширине равную бигуди, которыми вы собираетесь пользоваться. Аккуратно отделите ее, пользуясь расческой с тонким кончиком. Не формируйте слишком объемные пряди, т.к. вам потом придется гораздо дольше их просушивать.

Comb a lock of hair. Its end is fixed with a finger in the middle of the curler and slightly tighten. Then calmly, without hurrying, tightly and tightly wind the strand up to roots hair. Hold hair with your finger, fix the curlers. Be sure to place them on the base of the formed strand.

Если вы пользуетесь бигуди с резинками или другими похожими вариантами их фиксации, проверьте, чтобы они не были слишком тугими и не сдавливали пряди, особенно у roots hair. Otherwise, you will get creases and kinks.

When winding hair with a hairdryer, use a "skeletal" and round brushes. The first will help you to create a radical volume, and the second – locks of the necessary diameter. Remember, you can not overdry hair hairdryer. Keep it away from the hair, depending on the temperature selected.

Do not comb the hair curled hair comb. Thin strands it is better to first sprinkle with a small amount of varnish or use wax for modeling or fixing the hairstyle. Gently with your hands, give shape to the resulting curls and fix the hairdo with a varnish.

Do not wet hair при накручивании на щипцы. Обязательно соблюдайте временной интервал. Помните, что при таком способе hair Are exposed to risk, especially if they have been processed by means for stacking and fastening. Winding strands with forceps can be both vertically and horizontally, getting different types of curls. The technique in many respects coincides with winding on curlers.

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