How to wind curls

How to wind curls
If you dream of elastic, beautiful, shiny curls that can please you and attract the views of others throughout the day, you know: this is quite easy to achieve. You just need to read some rules. So, how to wind curls?

If you want to use curlers, wind hair нужно предварительно хорошо промокнув полотенцем и дав им подсохнуть самостоятельно. Мокрые волосы ни в коем случае накручивать нельзя, volos under the influence of water it becomes heavy and very easily stretched. Advantage of curlers in other ways wave obvious: they almost do not affect the structure of the hair, even if you dry the swirling curls hair dryer.

Apply a small amount of foam or mousse (size should not be larger than a large walnut) and proceed to winding individual strands. Before winding the hair should be washed with shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner, carefully and well combed – in this case, the curls will be even and neat.

After you carefully removed the curlers, divide the hair with your fingers or comb and a few denticles, lightly beat the hair at the roots and fasten the curls with varnish.

Если вы пользуетесь специальной насадкой для ploys, apply to slightly damp (almost dry) hair, heat-resistant spray with the effect of fixation, divide the hair into strands, chop them with large hairpins and start to twist one at a time, starting from one side of the head. Do not try to "harden" your hair for stronger fixation – just a few seconds. Dry hair is much worse kept fixation than healthy and well-moistened.

If you are the owner of long and thick hair, the task gets a little complicated, but just at such hair curls and curls look the best of everything! Choose styling products with a slightly stronger degree of protection. Lacquer for hair it is better to choose with the effect of invisible fixation and support, but to avoid excessive weighting of hair, do not put it too much.

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