How to wind curls ironing

How to wind curls ironing
Straightener for hair or "ironing-iron"- a universal tool. It is suitable not only to create a smooth hair to the hair, a "cap", but also to add volume at the roots, curl up curvy ringlets or form luxurious curls.

You will need
  • – hair straightener;
  • – Thermal protection for hair;
  • – comb;
  • – clips for hair.
For waving is suitable "ironing" with plates in 2-4 centimeter. If the plates are much wider, then it will be almost impossible to get a neat, tight lock. Ideally, if the plates are with rounded edges, you will avoid ugly "creases".

Включите выпрямитель в сеть и дайте ему нагреться. Чем толще ваши волосы, тем больше должна быть температура. Обладательницы тонких волос могут выбрать минимальный нагрев.

Note that rectifier lay dry hair. If you have just washed your hair, you will first have to dry your hair with a hair dryer or wait until your hair is completely dry.

Apply thermal protection mousse, wax, spray, gel to hair – you can choose any convenient and habitual consistency and shape, the main thing is that the product is designed to protect curls from the heat.

Comb your hair. It is best to prepare a comb-comb with long handle – then it will be convenient for her to divide your hair into separate strands. Take clip-clips or small "crabs". Gently lift the hair up and secure. Begin the procedure from the back of the head and gradually move to the sides and bangs.

Separate one strand from the nape, comb it again. Put the "ironing" vertically, at a distance of 1-2 centimeters from the roots. Wrap the strand around the bottom of the rectifier. Be careful – you can easily burn your fingers! Snap the iron and hold for a few seconds.

After opening the "ironing pad", start lowering it down a little, just a little obliquely and continuously rotating so as to "unwind" the curl. Do this slowly to give the curl a foothold, but do not too slow to burn the hair and not form ugly creases.

Repeat the operation with all the hair, gradually separating one strand 2-4 centimeter wide. Move from the nape to the forehead. If your hair does not hold the shape well, sprinkle every curl with lacquer immediately after you form it. Give a little wax to your fingers and swipe them through your hair when the whole hairstyle is ready, lifting them up a bit.

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