How to wind curlers

How to wind curlers
Hair curled with the help of curlers, look natural – elastic curls hold the form for a long time, and the technology is considered less sparing than chemical perm. In addition, such a styling does not last long, so you can change your hair style as often as necessary.

You will need
  • – packing curlers of the necessary diameter;
  • – spray with water;
  • – Comb with a handle (for separating individual strands);
  • – A small mirror.
Смочите волосы. Они должны быть чуть влажными – подсушите их после того, как вымоете голову. Кончики должны быть мокрыми, чтобы локоны не теряли форму во время накручивания. Для лучшей фиксации нанесите на волосы легкое средство для укладки.

Sit in front of a large mirror, and use the second to control the occipital part. The easiest way to wind hair on foam rubber curlers, because they have a rough surface, for which the hair easily clings. The thickness of the curler depends on the size of the curls and the length of the hair – short hair is wound on thin rollers, the longest fix the thickest hair curlers. The most qualitative and natural curl is obtained when using plastic structures, rubber curlers slightly deform the curl.

Screw the hair. Process them should be in parts – start with the back of the head, then wind the curls on the sides and start working on the parietal part and bangs. Raise a part of hair, comb and wind on the platen – the thickness of the strand should not be longer than the curler's length, otherwise the curl will not be elastic. Fingers hold a lock of hair behind the tips, pressing them against the platen, and the second hand tightly wind the hair. Take care that there is no strong skin tension. Screw the strand to the base of the curl and fix the curlers smoothly. Usually, the design is fixed with an elastic band, but if it is not, then you can use the studs with which you fasten the curlers together.

Используйте специальные приемы при накручивании. Короткие волосы не будут сползать, если удлинить их при помощи бумаги. Чем длиннее волосы, тем тоньше должен быть локон. Если вы скрепляете бигуди шпильками, то втыкайте их в противоположном накручиванию направлении. На тонкие волосы наносите средство для фиксации самой легкой текстуры.

Remove the curlers correctly. The hair must be completely dry – only then you can release them from the curler. Unscrew them and do not comb them immediately.

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