How to whiten your teeth with home remedies

How to whiten your teeth with home remedies
Before you start teeth whitening yourself, consult a dentist. He should conduct a test for the sensitivity and structure of the enamel, as some home remedies are contraindicated in cases of gum disease and loose tooth covering. In the office, you can pick up a special cap made of soft plastic, which you will fill with a gel for bleaching.

You will need
  • – baking soda;
  • – hydrogen peroxide;
  • – Whitening gel;
  • – капа;
  • – bleaching stick;
  • – bleaching adhesive strips;
  • – whitening paste;
  • – Strawberries and apples.
The whitening gel, which is filled with a kapa, contains a solution of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Wear a изделие можно только час, если зубы имеют высокую чувствительность эмали. Результат будет заметен недели через две, эффект достаточно стойкий. Но и минусов у такого метода достаточно – эмаль разрушается, появляется раздражение десен. Неприятных последствий будет меньше, если выбрать гель с содержанием перекиси 3% и меньше.

There are also special adhesive strips impregnated with bleach, they need to be glued on the teeth. This is convenient to do at night. The agent on the strips is not as caustic, but the minus is that the protruding parts of the teeth will be bleached better than the hollows between them.

Get a special gel that needs to be applied with a brush. He will freeze and remain on his teeth, until it dissolves in saliva. For a noticeable result, it will take at least two weeks.

Ask in the pharmacy clarifying gel in the sticks. You need to delete it in five minutes. He will not be able to lighten all his teeth, but he will remove dark spots from wine, tea, coffee and cigarettes.

Do not take the first whitening paste that will get in your eyes. These funds based on soda, chalk and other abrasives will simply remove the plaque formed on the teeth. If the paste is made on the basis of chemical agents, it delicately breaks down the protein structure of the plaque and does not damage the enamel. Alternate bleaching pastes with conventional ones.

Самыми приятными, безопасными и вкусными средствами являются клубника и яблоки. Можно протирать ягодами зубы, полоскать рот свежеотжатыми соками или приготовить пюре и чистить им зубы. Произойдет легкое осветление эмали за счет содержащихся в плодах растительных кислот.

Rinse the mouth with soda once a week. Wipe your teeth with cotton swabs soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Use alternately several means to achieve a better effect. Try to drink the drinks that color the enamel of the teeth, through a straw.

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