How to whiten your hands at home

How to whiten your hands at home
Summer is a hot season! Work in the garden affects the condition of the hands not in the best way. The skin acquires an untidy look, which even on the background of an ideal manicure is very noticeable. Whiten hands and nails can be at home, having spent a minimum of time with benefit.

В качестве основного средства используйте цитрусовые плоды. Возьмите половинку лимона или четвертинку грейпфрута, выдавите сок. Нанесите его на руки и наденьте резиновые перчатки буквально на три минуты. Спустя временя тщательно промойте кожу прохладной водой.

If the nails are not whitened in places, soak the cotton pad in citrus juice and thoroughly wipe the surface of the plates. You can also simply cut the fruit and immerse the fingers in the juicy pulp for several minutes.

Now start moisturizing. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of olive oil, add a vitamin E capsule and mix. Put on your hands, rub and put on cotton gloves.

The procedure is best performed before bedtime, when the processes of tissue regeneration are accelerating. If you regularly resort to this method, the skin of the hands will become fresh, well-groomed and moisturized. No work in the garden will impose an imprint. Remember that in woman everything should be perfect, especially hands that are always in sight.

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