How to whiten the skin under the eyes with milk

How to whiten the skin under the eyes with milk
It is difficult to look beautiful with well-groomed skin. It is different, depending on which part of the epithelium to discuss. The recipe – how to whiten the skin under the eyes – is very important.

You will need
  • Milk – 3 tablespoons.
  • Хлеб белый – 1 ломтик.
First you need to make a small micromassage. Wash your hands and your fingers, do quick "running" tapping movements. Massage do 3-5 minutes, it will improve blood microcirculation, and bleaching agents will absorb better. This will also reduce the size of dark circles under the eyes.

Now you need to make a mask of milk and white bread. Milk is best taken directly from the refrigerator, then its cooling effect will be an additional advantage for the skin around the eyes. It is poured into a suitable container. Then a piece of bread is ground into small fragments, they are lowered into milk. Time to prepare the composition is minimal – 2-3 minutes. It is no longer necessary, otherwise the bread will fall apart, and it will be difficult to apply it in the recommended order, it does not mesh with the skin.

Now apply the mask on the area under the eyes. She needs to cover the areas right around them, so that all the blue skin is hidden by the sodden bread. Milk is squeezed a little, otherwise it's very difficult to manage the mask. Bread, moistened with milk, and so will have the necessary effect, do not need excess liquid component. The mask is held for some time, on average – from 15 minutes. Then it is simply washed off with water. Make sure that the components do not get into your eyes. They do not pinch and do not have a corrosive effect, but their presence in the eye area is undesirable.

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