How to whiten the skin of the face

How to whiten the skin of the face
Appearance on the face Pigmentation is caused by various causes: exposure to the skin of the sun's rays, internal diseases. Pigmented spots in autumn and winter, as a rule, turn pale, but in the spring and summer periods, they are manifested again and more pronounced.

When bleaching folk remedies Use masks and juices from natural products such as parsley. It is done this way: the broth is prepared, and then frozen in the form of cubes, which every morning it is recommended to wipe the face. Also do masks from honey and lemon juice in the proportions of 50 gr. honey on 5 drops of lemon juice. Use in the morning fifteen minutes before washing. Also perfect in this regard is considered a cucumber juice, if they wipe the skin or impose cut rings on well before this cleansed skin.

Whitening effect is kefir and sour milk. It is enough just to wipe them with the skin of the face, and then after fifteen minutes wash with warm water. Do more masks with application of cosmetic clays.

The salons and medical centers also offer a variety of bleaching options, starting with mesotherapy and biorevitalization and ending with specially made masks, various scrubs and creams. In such salons and centers all is done из индивидуально подобранных ингредиентов.

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