How to whiten the skin around the eyes

How to whiten the skin around the eyes
Dark circles under eyes appear from stress and fatigue, as well as diseases of internal organs. But even after solving the main problem they may not disappear. In this case, bleaching masks come to the rescue.

Visit the doctor and take a survey. Begin to take and vitamin complexes, as well as eat more fruits and vegetables. Revise your schedule – pay at least 7-8 hours per night. Caring for the skin, without paying proper attention to their health, is meaningless, because once you stop making masks, dark circles can reappear.

Grind the cucumber on a fine grater. Flesh wrap in gauze. Hold the compress in front of 15-20 minutes. After that, apply moisturizing cream with whitening action. Cucumber juice does not contain acids, so if you get into the mucous membrane, the eyes will not burn.

Dissolve 5-7 g yeast with warm milk, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and mix well. Apply the mask under the eyes, avoiding it getting on the mucous membrane, otherwise there will be lacrimation. After 10 minutes, wash with cool water.

Take a few twigs of parsley and finely chop. Raw stuff with a glass of steep boiling water and let it brew a little. Once the broth has cooled to room temperature, strain it. Dampen the cotton pad in the infusion and attach to the eyes for 10 minutes.

Wash the strawberry berries under running water, let them dry and smash with a spoon. Mix 1 tablespoon of thick sour cream with 1 a teaspoon of strawberry puree. Apply the mask to the previously cleaned skin not only under the eyes, but on the whole face, so that the tone turned out even.

Get rid of very dark circles under eyes will help celery juice. But if you have dry skin, use it only as a last resort. Grind the root celery on the grater and squeeze the juice. Daily wipe them skin around the eyes, then apply a fat cream. The effect will appear quickly enough.

Use special whitening creams for the face and serums around the eyes. Of course, the skin will not become white with the first application of funds, but gradually its tone will equalize, and circles under eyes will disappear.

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