How to whiten teeth with folk remedies

How to whiten teeth with folk remedies
Currently, there are many methods of teeth whitening. To achieve a snow-white smile can help all kinds of whitening pastes, special mouthwashes, etc. But nevertheless, people's methods of bleaching are the most popular methods of teeth whitening, because the procedures allow to save money and achieve an excellent result.

1. Whiten your teeth at home conditions nicely helps baking soda. You just need to apply a little of this white powder on a damp toothbrush and brush your teeth in the usual way, paying special attention to the teeth that are visible when smiling. Use this method can not be more than three to four times a month.

2. Not bad teeth whitens and ordinary sea salt. Moreover, salt perfectly fights with inflammation of the gums. Naturally, the first couple of times cleaning teeth can cause discomfort and even pain, but in the future the gum will get stronger. So, to whiten your teeth, you need to mix sea salt with lemon juice (the ingredients are mixed one to one) and gently clean the teeth in the usual way. Teeth become noticeably whiter after only three to five procedures.

3. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent whitening agent for teeth, but if you use it for courses. It is necessary daily for two weeks to rinse the oral cavity with a solution consisting of boiled water and hydrogen peroxide (10: 1, respectively). After a week-long break, the procedure must be repeated. The teeth will become whiter than day after day.

4. Quite cheap and effective means – activated charcoal. One tablet of activated carbon must be crushed in a mortar to a powder state, then apply a small amount of powder to a damp toothbrush and thoroughly brush your teeth. After the procedure, several times rinse the mouth with warm water, then brush your teeth with toothpaste. It is worth remembering that this procedure can be repeated no more than once a week.

5. Quite quickly it is able to whiten teeth a mixture consisting of ash, soda and lemon juice. These ingredients must be mixed in a small bowl, then apply the resulting paste to a wet brush and brush the teeth for three to five minutes. The teeth become whiter after the first cleansing.

6. Barley is an effective folk tooth whitening aid. The seeds of barley must be burned, ash resulting in mixing with a large salt and gently brushing your teeth. This product perfectly not only whitens the teeth, but also strengthens the gum.

7. A mixture of salt and honey is not only a wonderful whitening agent, but also a healing, firming. Honey and fine salt are the only way to whiten teeth and cure periodontal disease at the same time. So, it is necessary to mix the ingredients in equal proportions, then apply the mixture on the finger and gently massage the gum first, then the teeth. The procedure can be repeated once a week.

8. Few people know that conventional matches are a great tool that helps in a short time to significantly whiten teeth. It is necessary to break off the sulfur from the match, burn the same stick and crush the resulting coal. Next, you need to dip a damp brush into the resulting ash and thoroughly brush your teeth. One match is enough for one procedure.

9. Excellent teeth whitens and strengthens the gums ordinary resin, in a different way – zhivitsa. It is necessary to take a piece of resin and chew it for several minutes. If the procedure is repeated every day for a month, the teeth will be markedly white.

10. Lemon zest. This tool is an emergency measure, you can repeat the procedure no more than once a month. It is necessary to take the lemon peel and gently rub it with the inside of the teeth. Noticeable effect after the first application.

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