How to whiten tan

How to whiten tan
The desire to get a beautiful tan sometimes brings some disappointment, because in some cases it resembles pigmentation or simply does not look because of skin features, when the melanin pigment is contained in it in small quantities and any exposure to ultraviolet makes it red or pockmarked. But with the help of ready-made cosmetic and natural products, you can lighten the skin and return it to its former color.

You will need
  • – kefir or sour cream;
  • – Sage;
  • – профессиональные отбеливающие средства.
Get rid of ugly tan can be in many ways: bleaching agents, peeling and scrubs. The combination of these tools allows you to achieve results much earlier.

The most effective natural means for whitening suntan are kefir and sour cream. The lactic acid contained in them is beautiful осветляет кожу. Но для получения желаемого результата используйте их регулярно на протяжении 10-15 дней. Нанесите любое из них сначала тонким, а затем толстым слоем и оставьте на 15-20 минут. Далее примите душ, а чтобы на коже не остался специфический запах, используйте обязательно крем-гель. Он мягче и не вызовет сухость и шелушение кожи.

No less effective means of eliminating sunburn is a bath with a normal peeling of the washcloth. Visiting the steam room with subsequent dousing with cold water improves blood circulation and blood supply to the skin. As a result of increased nutrition, cellular exchange and renewal is improved. The wool whit further removes the skin from the pigmented dead skin cells. Enough 2-x visits per week, so that only 10 days from sunburn left only a visible trace.

If an ugly tan threatens to ruin the upcoming plans, use additional salon methods, for example, chemical peeling or laser bleaching of the skin. However, these procedures have not only advantages, but disadvantages. To get a quick result, you have to work on the deep layers of the dermis, after which it needs restoration within 10-30 days. During this period, there may be increased dryness and peeling, so intensively nourish the skin and nourish it with various masks and vitamins.

To eliminate individual pigmented skin areas, use bleaching agents from Dekleor, Kodali, Darfan. Get them a little, because they can act selectively and not everyone gives an equally positive result. In addition, before use, make sure the tolerance test.

Using any procedure for bleaching the skin, use products with an ultraviolet filter, for example, ready-made creams or a sage broth. Apply them before each exit to the street, except for this, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and direct exposure of its rays to the skin.

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