How to whiten stains on the skin

How to whiten stains on the skin
The appearance of pigmentary spots for most women is a nuisance. Especially when the pigmentation affects the skin on the face. Large and dark blemishes it is difficult to hide even by tonal means, so the issue of their removal from women is very acute.

You will need
  • – Baking yeast;
  • – juice of sauerkraut;
  • – cucumbers and lemon.
Начните с правильного ухода за skin. Выбирайте только подходящие вам косметические средства, вовремя лечите свои болезни и незамедлительно начните принимать витамин С.

Use bleaching creams only after consulting a dermatologist. Before using them, check the reaction of the cream on the inside of the elbow. Most bleaching agents contain toxic substances, so they can not be used during pregnancy, feeding breast, liver and kidney diseases. Use fatty whitening creams. Apply them no longer than 2-x weeks, at this time, instead of water, clean the skin with tonic and lotion, so that toxins penetrate into the body less.

Of domestic means for removing pigment spots use cucumber-lemon lotions and masks from fermented milk products. Wipe blemishes pieces of fresh citrus and sour berries.

Prepare the mask by diluting the baker's yeast with water to a creamy condition, and hold it on your face for 15 minutes.

Хорошим осветляющим средством является сок квашеной капусты. Намочите им тканевую салфетку и приложите ее на лицо на 15 минут. Отбеливающие маски делайте вечером, чтобы потом не пришлось выходить на солнечный свет.

Take advantage of services of the cosmetician. To remove pigmentation, there is a chemical peeling procedure, which is offered by beauty salons. It uses glycolic and fructose acids, which remove the top layer of the skin with pigmentation. From salon procedures for the removal of pigmentation, ultrasound and laser peeling as well as phototherapy are also performed.

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