How to whiten pigment spots on the face

How to whiten pigment spots on the face
Pigmented spots are spots that appear with excessive accumulation of melanin pigment in the deep layers of the skin. The color of the pigmented spots can vary from light brown to dark brown. There are only seven types of pigmentation spots: freckles (epheliny), lentigo (age spots), melasma (chloasma), birthmarks (nevus), secondary depigmentation, Brock's meloderma and rosation.

Beautiful pure skin of the face is the dream of every woman. However, it often happens that on the gentle lady's face because of prolonged exposure to the sun, changes in the hormonal background, diseases of internal organs, etc., there are spots of brownish hue that spoil the appearance. How can we get rid of them?

There are many methods to combat pigmentation spots. We now look at masks that have proven themselves in the fight against such a skin defect. It is important to note that below are examples of masks designed exclusively for local use.

Clay and lemon. A mask made of clay and lemon is an excellent tool for brightening the spots on the face. To make it, you need a teaspoon of clay white or blue and two teaspoons of lemon juice, that is, you need to take the ingredients in a proportion of one to two. Clay and juice should be thoroughly mixed and applied to problem areas of the skin for 5-15 minutes (you should consider the type of skin), and then rinse with warm water. After the procedure, the skin must be greased with a thick cream.

Berries of currants and oatmeal. Not bad copes with insidious pigment spots and a mask based on currants and oatmeal. To prepare it, you need to take a tablespoon of currant (you can use both fresh berries and frozen ones) and a tablespoon of flour, curd the currant, mix the resulting gruel with flour. The mask should be applied to the skin of problem areas for a maximum of 10 minutes, then wash it off with cool water, and lubricate the skin with any moisturizer.

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