How to weave thread in hair

How to weave thread in hair
Any braid can be decorated with a beautiful colored thread. Such a braid turns out to be strong and comfortable, and it's worn for a long time. You can achieve an interesting effect by matching the colors of the used threads.

You will need
  • – Threads;
  • – Shampoo;
  • – water;
  • – hairdryer;
  • – comb;
  • – retainer;
  • – elastic.
Wash hair, dry it and divide into even strands. Gently lift the upper strands and chock them with the lock. After this, take in the middle of a small bundle of hair and tie it with a thread: one end of the thread should be on one side, and the other – with the second.

Разделите волосы на две части. Затем снимите фиксатор и добавьте третий пучок (он будет средним). То есть по бокам у вас будут прядки с ниткой, а посредине пучок без нее.

Start braiding the braid in three strands. When it is ready, fix the end with a rubber band.

Original weaving "fish tail" looks. This braid is braided in two stages. First, gather the hair in the tail and fix it with an elastic band.

Around the base of the tail tie a knot several threads. Next, divide the hair into two equal parts (the threads must also be distributed equally). Start the weave from left to right, pulling hair from one strand and attaching them to the other (the sign of infinity should form).

Плетение фиксируйте плотно, ведь в противном случае пряди будут расположены хаотично, из-за чего косичка получится неряшливой.

Effectively look French braids with threads. Divide the strand into three bunches and lay under it three threads folded in half, and after you start braiding the braids, grabbing new strands. After a few stitches, add three more threads and do this several times.

If at the end of the weaving is not enough hair, add a few more yarn and add a pigtail.

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