How to weave small pigtails

How to weave small pigtails
Small African braids are not only very fashionable, but also extremely practical. They do not need to be taken care of somehow in a special way, hair is often unnecessary to wash. In addition afrokosichki reliably protect hair from external influences. Of course, weave these microcosses for a long time, but you will, as a result, get an original image that gives you out of the gray mass and attracts interested views to your person.

In African braids you can weave artificial hair, acrylic or cotton threads. The minimum hair length at which you can already make afrokosichki, weaving threads in them – from 4 to 5, see. In case you want to make such braids yourself, use your hair for this.

Тщательно расчешитесь перед тем, как начинать плести. Голову накануне этого лучше не мыть, потому что чистые волосы будут как бы рассыпаться у вас в руках. Тогда симпатичных и аккуратных косичек уже не получится.

Divide the hair neatly into small, equal curls. Each of them fasten with a clip or a hair clip.

If you plaited the small braids for the first time, you do not need to do many of them. Without experience, you are unlikely to succeed the first time braid so that they are all equally beautiful and neat. In addition, you can just get tired of your hands – with unaccustomed.

Begin to weave each curl in a pigtail, choosing any convenient method for you. You can advise the "mermaid tail" or "French spikelet". Weave the braids from below, separate the strands from the neck; The upper ones must be assembled into the tail.

Continue braiding until the end, treating the tips with special glue. You can also weave decorative beads or ribbons into pigtails.

If you decide to add natural or artificial hair to your hair, put a bundle with artificial hair under each strand, then pull the pigtail already with them.

Когда закончите нижний ряд, можно переходить выше. Каждый следующий ряд должен быть примерно на 2 см выше предыдущего. Четко соблюдайте расстояние между рядами и локонами, чтобы прическа смотрелась аккуратно. Кончики косичек сразу же закрепляйте ленточкой, бусиной, специальным клеем или воском.

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