How to weave careless braids

How to weave careless braids
Deliberately careless braids are a fashion trend that is very suitable for adult girls. Such pigtails will not turn you into a schoolgirl. They look very stylish and perfectly in harmony with fashionable clothes. Careless hairstyles not only fashionable, but also comfortable. They do not need correction during the day, a lot of fixing tools and an experienced stylist's hand. You can braid the braids yourself, and properly selected accessories will make them even more beautiful.

Hair Preparation

For braiding voluminous careless hair, the hair must be quite stiff. To give thin and slippery strands the necessary texture will help special means – for example, dry shampoo. Treat them with hair, and then carefully comb the strands with a brush. A small amount of alcohol, contained in the shampoo, does not spoil the hair, giving them volume and splendor.

Seal the hair and spray with natural sea water. Spray the strands and allow them to dry. After this treatment, the hair will easily fit and hold the desired volume.

Several variants of stylish braid

Try a simple and stylish version of two simple braids. It will perfectly complement the clothes in a romantic style. Comb your hair, sprinkle them with a spray of sea water and divide into a straight part. Embroider two braids of three strands each, tie up the ends with thin elastic bands in the color of the hair. Do not tie too tightly, placing braids above the ears. Then, with your hands, pull the strands out of each weave slightly. As a result, the braids will become shorter and wider. The ends of braids can be decorated with decorative hairpins. Secure the hairdress with an easy fixation.

Braided braids can be laid in careless knots. Fold them around the base and secure with the studs. You can use and decorative pins, decorated with colored beads. Arrange the nodes at different levels, so the hair will look more original.

Another option, suitable for romantic girls is a wreath around the head. To make your hair look more beautiful, decorate it with a braided lace or a thin ribbon. Prepared hair comb on an oblique part. Separate the strand from the left ear, divide it into three parts. Take a folded in half long decorative cord and attach it to the hair.

Scourge the spikelets, leading it through the forehead and attaching the thin strands from the bulk of the hair. Do not pull the braid, placing it freely. Lead the braid to the right ear, and then through the back of the head to the left temple. Having reached the beginning of the weaving, fix the end of the pigtail with a thin rubber band and tuck the tail under the braid. Fingers arbitrarily pull the strands, without violating the structure of the wreath. Fix your hair with a weak fixation lacquer. To make the packing even more careless, with a thin handle of the comb, pull a pair of thin strands on either side of the face.

With simple clothes in a casual style, the wide fantasy braids are well combined. Divide the hair into a straight or oblique parting, lightly brush them and smooth them with a brush. Separate three thin strands and weave them into a braid so that the bulk of the hair remains inside. Attach thin strands on the sides, trying to keep the volume of hair. Tie the end of the braid with a string or thin tape.

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