How to weave braids in hair

How to weave braids in hair
If you are not thick enough and long hair, and it would seem desirable to look feminine, try to weave in hair artificial spit. Successfully selected strands will not be noticeable and give the hair the necessary volume. You can also pick up the strands a little lighter or darker to get the highlight effect on the hair.

You will need
  • – artificial or natural false hair;
  • – barrette;
  • – tracing paper;
  • – glue;
  • – thread with a needle or sewing machine;
  • – atomizer with salted water.
Prepare artificial spit – kanekalon or specially processed natural human hair. Kanekalon can be doused with boiling water to make it stay in shape better and longer. If the hair allows, do spit in advance, this will save time during weaving.

Individual hair try to divide by strands. To do this, place them on a sheet tracing paper a thin layer, cover with a layer of glue and cover with another sheet. After the glue dries, often sew on the sewing machine or manually, then remove the tracing paper.

Divide the surface of the head into the required number of sections. If you are making African braids, make sure that the plots are approximately equal, have smooth edges and parted symmetrically.

Если на конце искусственной spit fixed hair clip, take care to hide it when creating a hairstyle. To do this, pull the barrettes into the places that will be closed by their hair in the future.

Начните плести косу обычным способом, от самых корней волос. Старайтесь не натягивать пряди волос, чтобы не повредить луковицы. В то же время слишком слабое натяжение приведет к тому, что прическа будет выглядеть неряшливо.

You can first make a pony tail, putting a strand inside, and then start braiding spit, using their own and artificial hair.

To inconspicuously weave the braid in hair, согните накладной локон напополам и приложите к внутренней стороне основания собственной spit. At the next weave, attach one half of the artificial curl to one of your locks, add the second half to the other strand.

If there are several strands and the total length spit не принципиальна, вплетайте их постепенно, пряча концы внутри spit. Gradually, hair плавно перейдут в искусственную косу. Если кончики собственных волос будут торчать, аккуратно их обрежьте.

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