How to weave bows of hair

How to weave bows of hair
A bow of hair is a pretty interesting and seemingly very nice hairstyle. Girls and women, whose hair is long and straight, can do it even at home. Although I must say that without skill and some skills here can not do, otherwise the hair will look untidy.

If your hair is not straight, use ironing to straighten them. In addition, you will need hairpins, hair bands, pins, a hair clip and, perhaps, a varnish. Wash your hair and dry it, because the hair will look better on clean hair.

Separate and kill the bangs so that it does not interfere with you during work. Then you need to collect the hair in the tail. Do it right on the top of the head so that the future hairstyle is neat, not sideways.

The bangs can now be severed, it will not hurt you anymore. From the top of the tail, select the strand approximately in the middle. It will play the role of a knot on the bow. So that it does not interfere with you, kill it ahead.

Then you need to grab the tail and hold the hand to the end, then fasten the rubber in its end. In each specific case, this will be its place, because the hair length of each person is individual. In general, choose the most suitable place for fixing the elastic, and if you have a small tail, thread it into it to look neat.

Raise the tail, placing a palm under it, then start to lower it. Form a kind of fan and use the studs to fix the result. If necessary, sprinkle with varnish.

Now divide the resulting fan from the hair into two halves, thereby obtaining a bow. Make a knot on it, releasing the strand that was fixed in the third step. Pulling this strand back, put it in the middle of the bow, then lower the ends, then fasten with the help of invisible ones.

You can get a lot of strands from behind. Hide them neatly under your hair, fastened with stilettos or invisible. And that under the resulting bow from the hair, you could not see any small tails, fasten the hair clip in the shape of a bow. A bow of hair is ready, you can go to high school graduation или званый вечер и удивлять своей модной прической окружающих.

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