How to weave boring on your hair

How to weave boring on your hair
Pigtails made of thread in the style of hippies, or boring, are a fashionable and original decoration for the hair. This non-standard hairstyle can be done on hair of any length. There are two most common ways of weaving boring.

You will need
  • – comb;
  • – thread of a floss;
  • – beads;
  • – beads.
With the help of a comb, separate the thin part of the hair that you are going to braid. Then take two colored threads of a mulina of the same size, but twice as long as the length of a strand of hair. Now, at its base, tie an ordinary knot. So that the threads do not slip, you can make a few knots.

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While weaving the desired distance of the pigtail with a thread of the same color, change it by taking a thread from the strand of a different color and continue the weaving by tucking in the thread of the previous color. Change the colors until the threads run out and until you completely complete this process. Finish the weave by tying a neat little knot at the tip of the strand.

The number of such braids you can weave as much as you want. Then, when you want to remove the pigtail, just gently unwind the threads and comb your hair.

There is another more convenient way of braiding boring, since during the creation of pigtails, the threads do not slip off the strands of hair. Take, as in the first case, the thread and select the necessary strand of hair. Hold with your fingers, fasten the thread at the base of the strand and begin to weave the usual pigtail, gently weaving threads into it.

Then, using the free ends of the colored threads, braid the pigtail. And you need to weave a half loop, passing the end of the thread into the previous loop. Tighten the half loop, each time pulling the thread. Thanks to this the boring will be more equal and more beautiful.

Do knots as much as you want, constantly changing the color until you wrap the pigtail to the end, and do not bring the boring to the desired length. In the end, decorate it, for example, with beads or beads.

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