How to weave a ribbon into the hair

How to weave a ribbon into the hair
The hairstyle, decorated with ribbons, looks fresh, creative and hints at the fact that its owner is a creative person. Lush kapron bows leave first-graders. Adult girls decorate hair with thin silk ribbons, braided laces and even shreds carved from old dresses.

You will need
  • – comb;
  • – tapes;
  • – Invisibility;
  • – thin gum.
Choose ribbons that match the style and color of the costume. A small cocktail dress will win from the neighborhood with a satin ribbon in tone, an ensemble in folklore style will be complemented with colorful woven laces, and an unusual summer outfit will decorate multi-colored stripes of cotton fabric.

Try braiding a simple scythe with a long ribbon. Comb your hair, fasten it to the low tail on the back of the head. A narrow satin ribbon, suitable for the color of hair, tied on the head just above the forehead line and fasten it on the temples with invisible. Wrap the elastic band with a ribbon, divide the tail into three strands, attach the ends of the ribbon to the extremities and braid the hair in a braid.

Dresses in the fashionable hippie style will be complemented by colorful cotton tapes. Comb your hair, separate the two broad strands on either side of the face. From each strand, twist three thin plaits. At the very beginning of the weaving, attach a thin and long strip of fabric to the strands. After completing the pigtails, fix the multicolored beads at the ends.

Very elegant looks and classic French wickerwork. Divide the hair straight or oblique. Take in the hand a lock of hair on one side of the parting, divide it into three strands and begin to weave pigtail, gradually weaving free hair into it. The braid can be laid freely or weave fairly tightly – depending on which it lies below the line of the ears or rises to the crown.

Bring the weave to the back of the head and fasten the braid with a clamp. Repeat the reception from the second side of the parting, making sure that the hair is symmetrical. Reaching the nape, remove the clip from the first pigtail and connect it to the second, tying a thin rubber band into the tail. Divide the hair into three strands, take the ribbon and connect it to the two strands along the edges. Toss the braid. It can be left loosely along the back or tucked on the back of the head, hiding the tips of the hair under the elastic band. If you chose the second option, the free ends of the tape tie a large flat bow over the braid.

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