How to weave a regular braid

How to weave a regular braid
Universal braid is that they go to girls and adults, can be an independent hairdo or part of an incredibly beautiful design on the head, make the image rigorous or romantic. Before you learn how to weave lace braids, it is worthwhile mastering the most simple technique – from three strands.

You will need
  • – comb;
  • – scrunchy.
Comb your hair along the entire length. In order to make the weaving smooth and elastic it is important that they are clean, dried and not tangled at the ends. If necessary, use liquid шелком. If the hair is done on fluffy or curly hair, pre-treat them with iron. However, a slovenly scythe with beating strings and uneven weaving can look romantic.

Collect hair in the tail, so it is more convenient to start the weaving, because the side strands will not break out of the braid. Once again, walk on them with a comb. Divide the hair into three equal strands of hair. Grab the extreme locks with a little finger, ring and middle fingers of the corresponding hand, leave the center part falling on two index fingers.

Начните плетение с любой удобной вам стороны. Например, первой вступает в работу правая прядь. Ее необходимо поместить поверх центральной и сделать перехват мизинцем, безымянным и указательным пальцами. Большой можно положить сверху на плетение для фиксации первого изгиба. Затем та же операция повторяется с левой прядью.

Continue braiding the simple braid to the desired length in the manner described, alternately placing the extreme strands in the center. To the result was elastic and dense, it is necessary to pull the ends of the hair every two or three times. If you want to create a careless and slightly disheveled braid, you can loosen the weave. Fix hair with a rubber band.

Add the spit volume. If the hair is thin or sparse, you can create the illusion of wealth of head of hair using simple techniques. For this, after every two or three interceptions, gently pull each bend with your fingers. In this case, the weaving should be still dense, and pull out not all the curl, but only a part of it. Try to give the volume evenly over the entire length.

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