How to weave a pigtail on a bang

How to weave a pigtail on a bang
The braid on the bang looks very interesting and unusual. This hairstyle allows you to quickly change the image. It is suitable not only for young girls, but for women. The braid on a bang will approach and in that case if absolutely there is no time for stacking.

You will need
  • – Comb with rare teeth;
  • – a small rubber band or hairpin;
  • – hair spray.
Carefully comb the hair along the entire length. Today there are several options weave косичек на челке. Наиболее популярна коса бохо, которая придает образу женственность и неповторимость.

To start plaiting the pigtails on the side of the head with a comb with rare teeth, grab a strand of hair from the bangs and from the main part of the head.

From these hair form three strands. One strand (right) is taken from the bangs. The second (located in the middle) form half of the long hair of the main part of the head, having retreated from the growth line of the bangs to 1 cm, and from the hair on the bangs. The third strand (left) will consist only of the long hair of the main part of the head.

After the strands are formed, proceed to braiding the pigtail. The method of braiding the braid is similar to that of the braid of the French braid. On the middle strand alternately add strands of hair to the left and right. Do this until the hair on the bang does not end.

Pinch the resulting pigtail with a hair clip or fix with a rubber band for the hair. If you want, continue to weave a braid from the main part of the hair. Get an original hairstyle that resembles the hairstyle of the bohemian style.

After the plaiting of the pigtail is complete, fix the haircut obtained with the hair spray so that it does not fray, and the short locks of the bangs are not knocked out of the pigtail.

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