How to weave a hairdress "waterfall"

How to weave a hairdress "waterfall"
Braid braid is more important than ever. Hairstyle "waterfall", the basis of which is the French pigtail, is universal, because it is suitable for young girls and young women, and will also help create an interesting image for every day and for a special occasion.

You will need
  • – Flat comb;
  • – hair spray;
  • – резинка для волос или заколка.
Comb your hair. To create a "waterfall" hairstyle, they should be clean and easily divisible by strands, so use the air conditioner if necessary. Flat comb, make parting – straight or side. Especially spectacular is the "waterfall" on long hair, but the square to the shoulders can be decorated with this technique of weaving. Elegant hairstyle also help to subdue unruly curls. Most often, the spit "waterfall" is formed from the side or from two sides from the middle of the forehead so that the strands meet from behind.

Select a small part of the hair next to the parting, divide into three equal strands. Next, the principle of weaving from right to left will be described. If desired, it is easy to transform it into the reverse one. Throw the right strand of hair over the middle, then place the left between them. The first stage of creation of a hairdress "waterfall" completely coincides with the technique of weaving the French braid on the part of the hair on the vertex.

Release the right strand so that it falls freely, while holding the other two. Instead, use your index finger to start your hair just below the weave. Throw this lock in the center. To the left strand add hair from above, enter them into work as when decorating a simple French braid.

Continue the work in a similar way, releasing the right strands and connecting instead of them the hair at the place of weaving. The fact that the curls will be different widths, there is nothing terrible – after the completion of the work will be seen how the hair from the top, passing through the intricate thread, fall down. That's why my hair got such a romantic name – a waterfall.

When all the hair of the necessary area of ??the head will be involved in the hair, braid them in a regular braid and fasten with an elastic band. Also, you can fix them with a barrette on the crown at the place where the last strands are inserted. For reliability, use a hair spray.

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