How to weave a hair pigtail

How to weave a hair pigtail
Virtually all of the mother's girls in their childhood wove pigtails. Undoubtedly, the hair of the braid or the interlacing of braids looks rather neat and even stylish. You can make African braids or weave a ribbon in the braid, make spikelets with an oblique pigtail, a braid in the form of a hoop, in the form of a rope, etc.

You will need
  • ? ваша обычная расчёска;
  • – comb with thin, pointed handle for separation of strands;
  • – a tape for hair;
  • – a thin band for the hair;
  • – Any beautiful elastic band;
  • ? шиньон;
  • – a flat barrette;
  • – hairpin with rhinestones or pearls, flowers;
  • – studs.
Consider the option of weaving the tape into the braid. Comb hair, tie a tail with an elastic band on the back of the head (or on the side), over the elastic band, tie the tape so that its ends are of the same length. The tape should be twice as long as your hair. Share hair on three strands, take the ribbons along with the outer strands and braid the ordinary braid. Tie up the end of the tail with the remaining ribbon. Simple and original.

Fashionable and elegant will look like a braid using a chignon. Pick up invoices hair в тон ваших волос. С помощью расчёски с тонкой ручкой сделайте пробор на затылке, визуально разделив голову на две равные части по горизонтали. Возьмите прядь волос с затылочной части и прикрепите плоской заколкой шиньон. Поверху опустите hair, before that separated by a parting. Divide into three straight strands and weave the French pigtail. Tie a knot with any beautiful elastic band. You can weave in pigtail hair much longer than the length of your hair or experiment with colored strands. You can decorate with hair clips with rhinestones, pearls or flowers and give a hairdress of elegance.

Unusually looks like a braid in the form of a hoop. And as on curly, and on equal hair. Make a horizontal parting from ear to ear. Gather All hair in the front of the head, comb them and divide into three equal parts. Bite the French braid from one ear to the other, the rest hair dopletite in the form of a regular pigtail and tie a thin band. Take the pigtail, braided in the usual way, put it on top of the head and bend under the French braid, pin with the studs. The hairstyle is ready.

Original pigtail flagellum. Comb hair, tie a tail, divide into two equal strands. Alternately, scroll them to the right side, hold them so they do not unwind. Now connect these strands, scrolling one over the other in the left side. You will have a tourniquet. Tie it with a beautiful rubber band.

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