How to weave a braid ribbon

How to weave a braid ribbon
Hairstyles with braids are relevant for several seasons, and to diversify the style, you can use ribbons or braid. The way the ribbon is interwoven depends on which hairdo it supplements.

Ordinary braid. If you weave scythe not from the tail, you can add to it tape на любом уровне. Сложите tape in half, place the middle under the hair, where you begin the weaving. Divide the hair into three strands, attach the ends of the ribbon to the right and left. Begin the weave as usual. At the end, connect the hair of all the strands, wrap a bundle around the bundle, tie the knot. If you want, decorate the bow. Keep in mind that the length of the tape should match the length of the hair.

French pigtail. Usually tape в такую прическу вплетают, когда все волосы уже задействованы в плетении. В этом случае процесс схож с тем, как это происходит с обычной косой. Но можно вплести tape (лучше выбрать тонкое изделие, например, атласную тесьму) еще на макушке. Для этого необходимо отделить часть волос, поместить середину ленты под них и начать плетение, постепенно добавляя пряди с боковой части головы.

The scythe from the tail. If a "pony tail" is assembled on the head, you can twine the elastic band twice, tie a knot. After that, divide the hair into three strands, add to the right and left tape and pull the usual scythe. At the end, connect the hair, tie it with the ends of the tape.

Greek spit. This scythe Decorate when the hair is already fully created. To do this, use a thin tape, made of a smooth material. Enter it into the weave of hair where the braid originates, line the ends. Alternately start tape between the strands. For convenience, you can use a large hook for needlework or a homemade device. To make it, take the most simple handle and a thin smooth lace (1-2 mm in diameter). Fold the string in half, put the ends in the hole of the rod, so that they go inside by 3-4 cm, put a few toothpicks there, so that the resulting loop does not slip. Insert the handle bar into the weave, thread into the loop tape, gently pull the device out. Hide the tape between the strands.

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