How to weave a braid of five strands

How to weave a braid of five strands
The scythe of five strands looks simply amazing, this version of the weaving was introduced into French fashion at the beginning of 20 century, but today it remains at the peak of popularity. Having mastered the simple technique of weaving, you can do this hairstyle yourself.

You will need
  • Hairbrush, hairpin.
Before you begin to weave a braid of five strands on your hair, it's best to practice with someone from your girlfriends. If the hair is slightly wavy, then before weaving it is better to straighten it, otherwise the hair will get messy. It will be more convenient if you lightly drizzle your hair with water or a special remedy, so they will better go to bed. First you need to learn how to braid an ordinary braid of five strands, this will allow you to go to the next level of skill – weave the French braid.

Start to weave, dividing the hair into five strands. They should be approximately the same thickness. Starting from left to right, take the first strand and place it under the second, gently stretch and lay over the third strand. Now you need to take the rightmost strand and in the same way put it under the next one, gently stretching it, and then – put it on top of the third lock on the right. It turns out that you are repeating the same movements as with left strands, only in mirror order.

Now again, repeat all over again: put the leftmost strand under the next one and throw it over the next strand. After this, repeat this again in mirror order, starting from the right side. This method should continue to braid the braid to the length that suits you. In the end, fix the work with a beautiful barrette or elastic band.

The French braid of five strands braids in a similar way, only the hair is divided not only by the hair, but only by the front part. During the weaving, every time you take an extreme strand, do not forget to grab a small part of the loose hair. The thinner your strands, the more accurate and effective the spit will look.

A braid of five strands is not only very beautiful, it visually increases the volume of the hair, especially if made in the French version. If at first you are not particularly comfortable to braid yourself a scythe from behind, then you can make two separate pigtails on the sides. This not only looks very cute and feminine, but will also allow you to fill your hand for future experiments.

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