How to weave a braid in the Greek style

How to weave a braid in the Greek style
Today, the spit returned to the peak of fashion. She is simple in performance, beautiful, emphasizes femininity and creates an image of a sweet and mysterious stranger. There are a lot of modern weaving, but the Greek braid is one of the most popular.

This braid has come in modern fashion from ancient Greece. Today, it has undergone some changes, but the basic principles of weaving have remained the same. In addition, the Greek spit has many varieties and forms that perfectly match modern dresses.

In order for any spit to look perfect, first of all wash your hair, apply balm on them, carefully rinse. Then apply a little styling agent on the hair and lightly dry it with a hairdryer. Do not expose the dryer to the maximum temperature. So you, though, and reduce the time of drying hair, but make them overdried and brittle.

To braid the Greek spit, take a small string over the left ear. Divide it into three parts and begin to weave braids, weaving alternately small strands in each of the three parts. Tend to the side of the forehead, bend it around and bring the weave to the right ear.

Get the spikelets to a predetermined location. Here you can finish the weaving and go on to the regular scythe. And you can simply fix the pigtail rubber band or a beautiful hair clip, and leave the bottom loose.

It will look good with the Greek oblique slightly curled locks. If you fix the spikelet over the right ear, hide the place of attachment under the loose hair, you will only get the braid from the front, and the entire length of the hair from behind will be preserved.

Одним из вариантов греческой косы является разделение волос у центра лба и плетение двух косичек в разные стороны. Отделите две небольшие пряди, разделите их на три части и плетите с вплетениями отдельных пучков в разные стороны. Доведя косички до ушей, оставьте волосы распущенными. Это один из вариантов. Заплетите дальше две обычных косы — это второй вариант. Или соедините сзади полученные колоски и заплетите одну scythe. This option is most suitable for long and thick hair.

Each time, plaiting the Greek scythe in a new way, decorating it with various ribbons and hairpins, you will always look original and stylish.

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